EGB Vacuum Ltd supplies additional furnace and welding capacity to meet individual customer budgets and preferences.

Our new machines are designed and built in house; reducing costs and helping to maintain keen prices.

Using state of the art materials and parts, each system provides a bespoke solution for the application. All furnace and welder designs include the Microlink controller; the high software content deskills operation and reduces component and labour costs.

We normally hold some machines in stock for delivery at short notice to cover special circumstances. These units may be purchased, or hired on temporary or long term contract. In some instances we can supply under a hire purchase arrangement.

Helping you to find the Right Solutions

We will work with you to develop the right solution to your requirements and constantly look to improve our service.

Vacuum Furnaces

EGB offers a range of conventional design high vacuum furnaces, for small and medium batch processing, with hot zone dimensions up to 1 metre. Precise specification is determined with the customer; our designs are flexible, allowing wide choice of maximum temperature and vacuum levels. The Microlink software facilitates future changes should the need arise to reconfigure the machine or reprogram for new applications.

We also provide special systems including efficient, small footprint, furnaces for the laboratory and heat treatment cell environments.

Electron Beam Welders

Our robust 60kV EB Welding machines include the latest proprietary, dry tank, high voltage technology and the Microlink HMI machine and process controller. All systems are built to order and customer specification; special chamber sizes and work handling are available.

Used machines

Typically we have several used Wentgate EB Welders in stock, and we also carry used Wentgate VF0810 and 1218 style furnaces. These small machines are refurbished or rebuilt by us and can be delivered with a guarantee and our full support. Larger units are available from time to time.

Hire options

We normally keep some working machines on hand for temporary or long term contract hire. In some instances we can supply plant under a hire purchase arrangement.